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Short Order Products is the perfect spot for you to go for if you are seeking for a stamp that can create many impressions. The spinning bands of letters and numbers that may produce many impressions from a single stamp are known as alpha numeric bands, and they are what give these stamps their name. With just one simple dial turn, these stamps may alter their dates, numbers, or letters. Band stamps are useful for adding dates, distinctive codes, identifying markings, and more to goods.

It is important for you to know the purpose of each and every stamp band before you decide which one to purchase, because we have a multitude of stamp bands available that serve unique purposes. This article is intend to assist you in choosing the best band stamp base on your intend purpose, among a number of factors.

Choosing Regular Alpha Numeric Band Stamps or Self-Inking Band Stamps

We at Short Order Products also provide custom stamps band to our customers so they may be able to personalise their stamps however they desire. To make the decision of which type of alpha numeric band stamp is the most appropriate for your circumstance, you must take into account your unique requirements. When deciding between self-inking and standard band stamps, keep in mind the following factors which are list below in this article:

The Advantages of Using Self-Inking Alphabetic and Numeric Stamps


The most practical choice is undoubtedly a self-inking alpha numeric stamp. These stamps remove the need for inking if you are stamping a large number of things, which will speed up and simplify the process. You simply stamp one element and then stamp the next without stopping to fill the ink again.


A self-inking stamp would likely be the most practical for you if you frequently stamp on the go. Self-inking stamps are simpler to manage than stamps and stamp pads because they have self-contain stamp pads. In addition to this, since the ink is already contain in the stamp, you will not need to locate a surface to re-ink your stamp upon an ink pad.

Dependable Construction

Metal framing is use in the construction of self-inking stamps to provide a stable base for stamping and excellent durability. Laser engraving on bands creates precise stamp impressions. These stamps are more challenging to align than their ordinary counterparts due to the outer framing, though. Therefore, if you need a little amount of specific area, these stamps might not be the greatest option for you. Additionally, these stamps have a decrease maximum character size due to the surrounding metal frame.

The Advantages of Using Standard Alpha Numeric Stamps


These stamps are your best choice if you require a very precise impression. Compare to their self-inking siblings, standard alpha numeric stamps are indeed a lot simpler to position pretty much exactly where you want them.


The conventional alpha numeric stamp, as oppose to the self-inking option, provides you greater letters, hence it is a better option for you if that is what you need.

Uses of Different Band Stamps

The uses of alphabetic number band stamps are numerous. These stamps are excellent for different applications because of the revolving bands, including tagging objects, tracking items through a production process, date-stamping items, designating items in a certain order, and many others. These stamps’ bands rotate, enabling you to manually alter the stamp itself to accommodate several choices within the same stamp. Manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, and office and administrative industries are a few industries that frequently use band stamps. These are only a few applications for band stamps.

Usages in Manufacturing

Batches or Runs

Manufacturers frequently maintain track of particular goods produce within a single run or batch. This aids in quality assurance and tracking. The benefit of band stamps is that a single stamp may be use to clearly identify each individual batch.

Expiry dates

The packaging of foods and other perishable goods must have these dynamic dates. It is possible to order band stamps with either non-changing text. Such as “Expiration Date,” or changeable text, such as the actual date.


Band stamps may be employee to assign each individual part in a process of production a unique code. Band stamps can be use to identify distinct products that need to be utilised or processed one at a time in a sequential manner.

Usages in Shipment

Specific Codes

Band stamps are useful for assigning specific alpha numeric codes to objects (such boxes or pallets) so that they can be categorised.

Sequential Numbering

Shipping papers frequently need to be identifiable in sequential order, hence sequential numbering is often necessary. In a single, simple-to-use stamp, band stamps provide this ordering capacity.

Usages in the Office and Management

Date Stamping

Documents frequently require date stamping to provide as a means of identification. Alpha-numeric date stamps can include a changeable date text to show the date of an action. As well as static language like “Received,” “Faxed,” or “Approved.”

Documentation Linked to Coding

Often, a project has a lot of documentation relate to it. The organization of which papers correspond to which projects can be made simple with the use of an alpha-numeric band stamp. The phrases or numbers on band stamps can be modified to precisely identify each project. In this approach, band stamps provide a quick fix for maintaining the accuracy and organisation of your documents.

Get Set, Go!

We hope this short guide should have given you a better understanding of the various types and applications for alpha numeric band stamps. Whatever your specific requirement is, we have a band stamp that is available to suit your needs. We at Short Order Products are delighte to assist you in making the decision that is ideal for your enterprise. So, do not be afraid to get in touch with our team if you have any additional queries about your particular demands. If not, you are prepared to select your next band stamp and begin stamping!


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