Speed-i-Jet Portable Handheld Inkjet Printer


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Speed-i-Jet 798 Portable Handheld Inkjet Printer
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Portable pocket printer

Speed-i-Jet 798

Portable pocket printer
Portable pocket printer

With built-in Clock, Calendar, Consecutive Numbering
Up to 40 characters of your choice

Introducing Reiner Speed-i-Jet 798 from Reiner
The portable pocket size inkjet printer. More than 18 months in design and testing.The creative minds at REINER are proud to introduce an amazing versatile and portable device.
The name speed-i-Jet stands for a completely new product idea. This pocket size printer can easilyPrint Date, Time, Consecutive Numbers and/or Text
on any paper or cardboard surface, with or without contact, even if it has an irregular surface.
This makes the innovative speed-i-Jet 798 ideal for any office or warehouse environment.
By the way it is absolutely whisper quiet. Don’t let the size fool you.
This pocket size baby is capable of accomplishing even the biggest jobs.NO LABELS NEEDED… There are endless possibilities and applications.
Some examples are in logistics departments, medical practices and QA systems.
The future is here and can be carried in your pocket.
Gone are the days in which you had to use labels for these jobs
QUICK CHANGE PROGRAMS… PLUG-AND-PLAYThe speed-i-Jet 798 package comes complete with a CD-ROM and USB cable.

After the software is installed, (takes just a minute),
all the applications you need can be defined in the program and instantly downloaded to the speed-i-Jet.

Configurations can be changed as frequently as you like.
Time and date now, text and numbering later.

AND NOW IT’S READY FOR USE…Glide N’ print technology…
Simply position the speed-i-Jet above the surface you want to print on and press the red button as you move the pen.
Depending how fast the user moves the speed-i-Jet 798 over the surface, the typeface will be wider or narrower.
The only moving part to the speed-i-Jet is your arm.

Runs on two double A batteries and lasts for thousands of imprints.
With a few minutes practice you will become a speed-i-Jet expert.

Portable automatic number stamp
Can print up to 40 characters wide.


Ink cartridges
(good for about 10,000 impressions)
Each ink cartridge comes with
a new built-in print head.



REINER Speed-i-Jet 798

The package contains:
Speed-i-Jet 798, ink-jet cartridge, installation CD-ROM,
USB cable and AA batteries

bates stamping

Fully mobile! Prints Texts, Date, Time, Counting, Coding & Consecutive Numbering ( forward or backward ). Prints almost anywhere, on flat, uneven, rigid or soft surfaces. Set up your Texts, etc., to suit Left or Right-handed users, on your PC.

The software for the Speed-i-Jet 798 is self-explanatory. Define the texts, date, time, and/or numbering on your PC, and via the USB cable!

Portable pocket printer

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Weight 3 lbs

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