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Jet Stamp 790
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Jet Stamp 790

electronic number stamper

For porous surfaces
smooth or uneven

Used on:
Paper, Cardboard, Wood, etc.


Portable metal printer – Portable plastic printer
Portable ink printer – Electronic number stamper


• numbering, repetition 0-99x
• fully automatic dater, various print options
• quartz clock, automatic summer – winter change,
various stamp options
• memorized prefix texts to combine
Character set :
• 12 cpi alphanumeric
20 characters per line• 10 cpi alphanumeric
17 characters per line• 6 cpi numeric
10 characters per line
• 25 memorized print options to choose from
• memory for additional 4 customized imprints
• two line prints up to 20 characters per line
Battery Pack:
• fully charged batteries last – stand by 6 days –
printing up to 600 imprints
• recharging of battery – aprox. 3 hours to fully charge, 30 minutes until first print capability
Weight & Size:
• jetStamp 790
470 gr = 1.03 LBS.• size – 6.6″ x 3.75″ x 3″• charging station
435 gr = .96 LBS.• power supply
285 gr = .63 LBS.
Charging Unit :
• to charge battery pack
• special parking position for print head
• communication interface RS232 (option)
• can connect to 12 V outlet in cars and trucks (option)
Printing Technology:
• inkjet black or red up to 10,000 imprints per cartridge
Character Height :
• 3.2 mm = 1/8″
Line Feed :
• 4.7 mm = 3/16″
• LCDTrigger:
• button integrated into handle





wireless portable printer

MP-series JetStamps

For porous & nonporous surfaces
smooth or uneven

Metal, Plastic, China, etc.


portable metal printer – portable plastic printer
portable ink printer – electronic number stamper

Electronic hand stamp. Prints one or two-line impression with text, number, date and time, quickly and quietly on all even and uneven surfaces, forms,
bundles of documents and envelopes.Print with the MP-Series of the JetStamp-Family special surfaces like metal and plastictoo. The special quick-drying ink prevents from smearing on stamped items.The MP-Series of JetStamp-Family is specially qualified for marking on:
• Industrial or manual produced parts of metal and plastic
• Affixing of best-before date on glossy boxes, depending on coatingFeatures:
• Thanks to a specific ink it is now possible to print on special surfaces like metal and plastic. The ink is quick drying and avoids smearing.• Prints easily, quickly and quietly on most even and uneven surfaces.
Suitable for automatic applications, e.g. installed in production lines.Specification:
• Number, date, time and text in a one or two-line impression
• Adjustable character widths, max. 20 characters
per line, max. print width 42 mm
• Simple menu selections with the user friendly LCD-display
• Different impressions stored in the stamp memory
• Custom texts or special functions can be stored
• Quickly adaptable to the changing demands of
workplace organizationAccessories:
Set: 1 ink-jet cartridge, 1 syringe for activation,1 foil bag ZIP, user manual

Please Note: Sample imprints may appear larger or smaller than actual size.
Please refer to size specifications.

printing sample reiner portable printer

JetStamp 790

Battery operated (4 ea. AAA)  

JetStamp 790MP

Battery operated (4 ea. AAA)  

JetStamp 791MP

Computer operated – Always connected via USB port
Select text in most documents and print it.

JetStamp 792MP

Electric – plug-in

JetStamp 790

ink color:  BLACK
Each ink cartridge comes with a new built-in print head.

MP series
Quick Dry
Ink cartridge

For all MP series

JetStamp models

ink color:  BLACK
Each ink cartridge comes with a new built-in print head.Set: 1 ink-jet cartridge, 1 syringe for activation,1 foil bag ZIP, user manual


INK BLACK cartridge # RED cartridge # Model
For paper & absorbent surfaces 801307-000 801307-050 790
Quick-drying non-absorbent surfaces 791060-000 n/a 790MP,



The MP series uses quick dry ink that will dry in the stamp if not in use.
To prevent the ink from drying in the nozzles, the software fires the ink occasionally.

It is important to remove the ink cartridge when not in use for an extended period.

If not – You could find that you are out of ink when returning to work in the morning.



print on aluminumprint on metal

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Weight 3 lbs

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