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Model – 70H and 70P

The Model 70P Numberall Stamp is a versatile and reliable numbering and lettering stamp that allows for precise and consistent markings on a variety of materials. With its durable steel construction and easy-to-use design, the Model 70P can be used for a wide range of applications, including metalworking, woodworking, and more. Featuring adjustable wheels and a robust, precision-engraved font, this stamp is perfect for creating clear and legible serial numbers, part numbers, or any other important markings that need to be permanently stamped onto a surface. Whether you’re a professional machinist or just looking for a reliable stamp for your workshop or garage, the Model 70P Numberall Stamp is the perfect choice for your needs.

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Model 70H Hand Shank

The Model 70 Numbering Machine is utilized for stamping repetitive sequences such as product codes, part numbers, date codes, etc. The same character sequence remains after each impression unless changed by the operator using the convenient spanner wrench. Available with a hand or press shank, the Model 70 adapts readily to your marking requirements. The versatility of the Model 70 has made it popular across various industries. There is virtually no limit to the range of products that can be marked with the Model 70. A few examples include metal parts for machinery, name tags, electronic circuit boards and parts, keys, food packaging, cardboard boxes, and plastic parts.

The innovative design of the machine ensures consistently uniform character alignment and depth of impression. Multiple wheels are held precisely in position by retaining pawls and retaining pawl springs. A retaining pawl seats in the index plate on each of the one-piece wheels. This one-piece construction guarantees more accurate stampings than those obtainable with two-piece wheels. A pawl block further aids in maintaining wheel alignment. The wheels are meticulously engraved for accuracy, strength, and alignment. Crafted from high-grade tool steel, they are precision heat-treated for severe usage and long life.

Unlike less rugged designs from some other manufacturers, we optimize our frame designs to accommodate the desired number of wheels by increasing the frame and leg widths. All 5/32″ and 1/4″ machines are constructed using larger diameter wheels, wheel shafts, and frames. Hand shank frames are constructed of heat-treated high-grade alloy steel to resist chipping. The hand shank is vinyl-coated to absorb shock during the marking operation when the shank is struck with a hammer blow. When ordering, specify the number of wheels, character size, wheel arrangement (from left to right), and shank requirements. Consult our Price List for the number of wheels and character sizes available. The Standard Press Shank is 1″ in diameter and either 14″ or 2″ long. Other shanks are available at an additional cost.

Model 70 machines equipped with optional hand shanks are made with a one-piece frame and shank of heat-treated alloy steel.

Characters on standard wheels:

  • Figures 1 to 0 and blank – (12 division)
  • Letters A to M and blank (14 division)
  • Letters N to Z and blank (14 division)


Model 70P

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The Model 70 Press shares the same features as the Model 70 Hand but is equipped with a standard Press Shank (1″ diameter, either 1¼” or 2″ long – specify when ordering) for compatibility with most Hand or Power Presses. For Presses requiring a special shank other than round, please request a factory quote.

The Model 70P, equipped with our standard Dovetail Shank, is recommended for use in Numberall’s Hand or Power Presses. By utilizing shanks outlined in the Price List, the Model 70P can be easily adapted to our various Platforms or Stamp Holders.

When placing an order, specify the number of wheels, character size, and wheel arrangement (from left to right), as well as shank requirements. Refer to our Price List for the available number of wheels, character sizes, and non-standard round or dovetail shanks.

*Note: Wheels can be engraved with any characters, symbols, or styles.

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