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Stress-Less – Full Character Hand Stamp

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Durable Mecco uses shock steels and an age old proprietary heat-treating method to provide superior durability and safety. Our legendary marking tools are:
          · Non-mushrooming
· Non-spalling
Our tools are designed to strict guidelines. All striking surfaces have full radius (all corners removed). Many of our tools feature a handle to remove the operator’s hand from the striking area. Stamps are ground close to the character for precise positioning.
Low-end hand stamps from our competitors are not sufficient for heavy-duty use:
          · Made from lower quality tool steel not intended for striking (spalling, splitting)
· Heat-treating methods do not prevent mushrooming of tool
· Character end of the stamp crushes upon use with tough materials
· Striking end of stamp has corners which are susceptible to chipping
Benefits of Durable Mecco Quality
          · Better all around marking due to operator confidence in tool
· Better marks due to long service life and confidence of operator
· Lower cost through long service life
· Lower cost through safety
Ask Our Customers
Many of our customers have tried less expensive stamps and marking tools.Customer quote: “To buy a cheap stamp is to throw your money away.”
The Toughest Markets
· Steel mills and other primary metals
· Foundries
· Forges
· Petroleum/oilfield


*Custom Made and built to order. Approx 2-3 Weeks to Ship

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