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Model 60 Manual Multi-Wheel Numbering Metal Stamp Marker

The Model 60 Metal Stamping Platform and Stamp Holder is a heavy-duty tool designed to hold metal stamps in place while stamping. It features a sturdy platform and an adjustable stamp holder that can accommodate stamps of various sizes. The platform is made of durable steel and has a non-slip surface to ensure precision stamping. The stamp holder is easy to adjust and securely holds the stamp in place for accurate impressions every time. The Model 60 is an essential tool for metal stamping professionals and hobbyists alike.

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Model 60

The Model 60 Numbering Machine offers simplified construction and low cost while delivering performance and durability. It performs similar to our Model 70 but character changes are accomplished in a different manner.
The Model 60 is equipped with a vinyl coated hand shank which absorbs vibration and shock occuring during the marking operation when the shank is struck with a hammer blow. It is light and compact and ideal for marking products such as keys, nameplates and parts constructed of mild steel or comparable materials.
A single tapered locking pin thrust through the frame and the wheels holds the wheels in alignment. To set a desired character sequence remove the pin to free all the wheels. Push the pin back into the frame until it touches the first wheel, set first wheel to desired character, push pin through first wheel to lock in place. Repeat this same action for all wheels until the proper character sequence is obtained. Push the lock pin completely through the other side of the frame until properly seated. The pin may be inserted into the frame from either direction. With a little practice, any character sequence can be set quickly and easily.
Wheels are meticulously engraved for accuracy, strength and alignment. Made of high-grade alloy tool steel, the wheels are precision heat-treated for severe usage. The hand shanks are constructed of high-grade heat-treated alloy steel and resist chipping and mushrooming.
Press style shanks are also available. Contact the factory for pricing and availability.


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Character sizes available:

1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16

Number of wheels: 2 to 5

The Model 60 Numbering Machine has been expanded to include 5/32″ and 3/16″ character sizes up to 5 wheels. A larger frame and larger wheels have been devel- oped for these character sizes, while main- taining the simplicity and economy of the Model 60 design.
Note: Wheels can be engraved with any character, symbols or styles (Reference Pages 1 & 2) Contact factory for pricing and availability.
Consult Length of Impression Gauge included with this catalog to determine character size required and associated Lenth of Impression.

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Weight 50 lbs

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