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Model 137 Motorized Bench Marking Press for stamping name plates or brass, aluminum, or plastic objects.

The Model 137 Metal Stamping Platform and Stamp Holder is a durable and versatile tool designed for precision stamping on a variety of materials. With its sturdy construction and adjustable base, it provides a stable platform for accurate and consistent stamping. The stamp holder securely holds the stamp in place and allows for quick and easy changes. Its compact size makes it ideal for small to medium-sized stamping jobs in a variety of settings. Whether you’re marking parts in a machine shop or adding identification numbers to metal tags, the Model 137 is a reliable and convenient stamping solution.

Please be aware of additional accessories not shipped with this base unit – for more details, see options below, call 626-333-2450 or email with any questions.

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For Numbering, Marking and Stamping of Name Plates or Brass, Aluminum and Plastic Objects

  • Automatic Numbering Head (extra)
  • Tripping Attachment for operating Automatic Numbering Head (extra)
  • Adjustable Table (extra)
  • Knurled adjusting Nut for raising table

Model 137


  1. Adjustable Table
  2. Tripping Attachment
  3. For operating Automatic Numbering Machine

This Press is designed along the same lines and for the same purpose as the hand-operated Model 136.
It is fast in operation, stamping once each time the lever is depressed, or continous if operating lever is held down. Stamps only once even with lever held down, with optional Non-Repeat Clutch. It is operated by a 1/4 H.P. worm gear motor. The Model 137 is of special advantage when larger quantities of name plates of parts must be stamped and the time savings element is of importance. The motorized model also reduces operator’s fatigue to a minimum.
General Features: Bench Space (without motor attached) 22″ deep, 9-1/2″ wide, 11-1/2″ high. Weight of press about 70 lbs, (without motor). Throat depth 2-1/2″, same as in Model 136. Clear- ance between Ram and Table when adjusted down 3-1/2″. Table has a vertical adjustment of 2″, has short safe 3/16″ stroke, new dovetail mounting of all numbering heads auto and non-auto, type and holders.

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