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Propane Powered Heating Element
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Propane Heating Element

Propane Heating Element
Model 1021 Porto-ProTM

Shown with 1″ x 9 Character Holder, sold separately.

Product Number:  Model 1021

Max Capacity 9200 BTU/hr @ 28/57 PSI

The Model 1021 Porto-Pro is a rugged, professional model propane-powered branding torch for heavy duty gas-heated branding. The Model 1021 Porto-Pro will heat our interchangeable character holders and our popular Model BBB-6000 Beekeeper Branders. For even larger or heavier duty applications, use our Model 2100 Heavy Duty Porto-Pro which produces about twice the heat of the Model 1021. Both models include a 10-ft hose for connecting to your 20 pound BBQ propane tank.

• Ideally suited for field use or where electrical power is limited or not available.
• Lightweight design reduces operator fatigue.
• Rugged construction.
• Allows operator to change branding irons quickly and easily.
• Comes with a 10-foot hose for connection to your propane tank.
• Safe to use.
• No heat blowback to threaten operator’s hands.
• Economical to use.Branding irons, character holders, and characters are priced and sold separately.

Model 2100 Porto-Pro™
Heavy Duty Hand-held Propane Branding Unit

Shown with CharHolder 2×5 and Interchangeable 2″ Characters, not included.

Max Capacity 1273 BTU/hr @ 28/57 PSI

Product Number:  Model 2100

Our new and greatly improved Model 2100 Porto-Pro™ produces nearly twice the amount of heat as our original Model 1021 Porto-Pro™ propane torch. It has been specifically designed to answer the needs of those in the field offering portability and rugged design.

The model 2100 is also excellent for other applications requiring fast, even heating on very large branding iron heads. The new Model 2100 Porto-Pro™ is a robust, heavy-duty propane-powered torch made of machined, solid steel for strength and long life. Its heavy construction and improved design provides a very robust flame for rapid and sustained heating of any branding attachment. In addition, the new design allows us to easily and economically expand the unit into a dual (or triple) head version for even greater heating power.

Based on the dimensions of the brander that you order, our expert customer service staff can help you select the Porto-Pro™ heating torch that is best suited to your needs.

Our Model 2100 Porto-Pro™ comes with a 10-foot hose for connecting to your propane tank.

• Beekeepers all over the world use it to quickly and easily brand deep impressions into bee boxes.

• Landscapers combine the Model 2100 Porto-Pro™ with Interchangeable 2″ Characters to mark valve boxes.

• Shipping pallet manufacturers find this tool indispensable for marking IPPC logos to meet industry standards.

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Weight 3 lbs

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