Custom Branding Irons

To place an order, please call 626-333-2450 to speak with Jason.

Promote, protect, and add value to your work with a custom-made, top-quality branding irons.
Call us to discuss your needs and to get a fast price quote and estimated delivery date.
Branding irons are made to order from your artwork or artwork that we design to your specifications.
We will create your branding iron(s) to fit the appropriate heating method for your work environment and project requirements.

Electric Heating Elements are dependable, convenient, and allow interchangeability of branding heads.
They range in size from 40 watts to 500 watts and are available in handheld and drill press unit styles.

Let the experts work with you to build a set of branding tools that will make a lasting impression for decades to come.
Please see our guidelines below on submitting your artwork to create a custom branding iron with a branding surface between one and four square inches.

Additional options:

• Your design is larger than four square inches.
• You require a design with interchangeable characters.
• The width of your design is greater than two and one half times the length.

Creating a Design and Submitting Your Artwork

The following guidelines are provided to help you when designing your brand and submitting your artwork:
• Artwork should be sharp, dense, black copy on a white background.
• Artwork should be full size. We can enlarge or reduce up to four times, at no extra charge. (Figure 1).
• Avoid large solid areas next to thin spaces (Figure 2). Heat from surrounding black areas scorches out the fine white line.
• Avoid lines or spaces thinner than .005″ (Figure 2).
• If you mail your artwork to us, protect the artwork by mailing it to us between cardboard protectors.

Do not fold the artwork.

• We specialize in custom orders. Our friendly sales staff are well-qualified to help you to create a brand that you will be happy with for years to come.
If you have an idea for a brand, but lack the technical expertise to create the design, our creative staff can create the artwork for you!

After submitting your order, you will be asked to upload your design to our web server.
Submit your artwork electronically in JPEG (.jpg) or TIFF (.tif)
format by scanning your original artwork or saving digital artwork in one of the above formats,
at a resolution of 300 dpi or higher.

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