Metal Push Button Legend Plate

Anodized Aluminum

Switch & push button Legend plate

Sold blank or engraved

When the engraving on clear aluminum needs to be darkened,

we acid oxidize the engraving.

Oxidizing gives a nice black appearance and is long lasting.

Paint or color filling does not last as long due to peeling and cracking of the paint.

Any sizes or colors quoted on request.

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or email for quote.

RO TSP-100

Designed for many makes of toggle switches using 7/16″ holes.

RO UDY-100

Designed for many standard make of “Pots” used by the electronic industry.

RO U-651

Fits all “Pots” using standard oil tite hole.

Black – RO U3B

Red – RO U3R

Blue – RO U3X

Yellow – RO U3Y

Black – RO UA3B

Red – RO UA3R

Clear – RO UA3C

Grey – RO FS200 AB

Red – RO FS200 RAB

Grey – RO FS250 AB

Red – RO FS250 RAB

Black – RO FS700 BGE

Red – RO FS700 RGE

GE size 1

Black – RO FS800 BGE

Red – RO FS800 RGE

GE size 2

Black – RO FS900 BGE

Red – RO FS900 RGE

GE size 3

Clear Aluminum


Clear Aluminum


Black – RO D3B

Red – RO D3R

Grey – RO MS300 GR

Red – RO MS300 R

Black – RO RM99B

Red – RO RM99R

Clear Anodized –

RO RM800 C

Black Anodized –

RO RM800 B

Grey – RO RM800 GR

Red Anodized –

RO RM800 R

Clear Anodized –

RO RM700 C

Black Anodized –

RO RM700 B

Grey – RO RM700 GR

Red Anodized –

RO RM700 R

Grey – RO MS200 GR

Red – RO MS200 R